I have been using the stumbleupon pretty heavy these past two weeks and I have found some great stuff. Just wanted to share these 5 great resources for budding entrepreneurs. is an early stage venture capital fund that has made it incredibly easy to get in touch with them. They even have a “submit executive summary here” button on their main page. Take a look at their portfolio and requirements.

A gold mine of information, actually sets you up to have real conversations with mentors willing to lend their free advice to future/current entrepreneurs. Who doesn’t need help?

I love this one, but I happen to be partial to anything having to do with social entrepenuership. Browse their site, they offer a wealth of resources and connections to important people within this sector.

Design Trust – Business Start-Up Guide for Designers

You may not be a designer but the start-up guide is top notch, and it is free.

59 Resources For First Time Entrepreneurs

Just to cover my base, I included this.

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Have you ever wished you could just sit down with smart people and pick their brains. Can you imagine what you would learn?

Ericsson Multimedia did just that.

Grab a pen and paper because you are going to want to take notes.

Arianna Huffington – New Media Landscape

Jeffrey Cole – A New Era of Advertising

Don Tapscott – Grown Up Digital

Charles Leadbeater – The Power Of Mass Creativity

Michael Dell – The Power of Collaboration

Hans Rosling – A More Stable World

Carlota Perez – Technology Changes

JP Rangaswami – How Learning Has Changed

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