3 Free Competitive Analysis SEO Tools

It seems I have been knee deep in SEO tools lately. It is safe to say that I have a “thing” for great tools (both on-line and off) and in my SEO work there is no exception.

I have compiled a short list of my top 5. Enjoy!

#1 – linkdiagnosis


I love this tool because most of what I enjoy about SEO is link building. You can run your competitors site and see where their back links are coming from. They do a great job of organizing all the links that they analyze for you. They include page rank, age and even have a nice little anchor text organizer. You can use the information you find there to put together a link building campaign.

#2 – SEObook.com Toolbar


I think by now if you aren’t using this toolbar, you probably also still believe in the keyword density myth. Either way, you need to be using this toolbar. It is just so dang fun! SEObook.com has really put together a great tool that allows an SEO to surf the web with ease. I use it for a lot of my competitive analysis and I sometimes use the back link help from yahoo.

#3 – Spyfu

This is a fun little tool. I like to use it to check the information you can get from Alexa. Who doesn’t love spying on competitors?

I will be posting more and more SEO Tools as I find the time. Would love to hear about some free tool that you use.

  1. I am just saying you are now going have to haul this site down. You make it seem to easy and noobs are going to commence trying this.

    • Mykal B Media said:

      haha good point!

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