Are You Engaged?

When you first step into the twitter universe it can feel like stepping into a dimly lit backroom where everybody is shouting and nobody is listening. Sometimes it can be hard to believe all the hype about social media when you learn what #teamfollowback means and how many people (social media consultants even) use it.
I have been working on ways to “authenticate” the twitter experience and maximize it’s potential for use in the NPO world. Better analytics and an honest approach to the capabilities of twitter are key.

I may not have all the answers to what twitter is. I can tell you what it isn’t.

Twitter is NOT #teamfollowback or any of her variations. This is one of the main sources of the engagement problem and is really getting to be a pain trying to negotiate around in the twitter community.

Twitter is NOT a competition. There are many twitter analytics out there. Most of them are trying to make money. Analytics like klout and twitter grader can offer some useful statistics but rely too heavily on measuring their own success in determining yours. both klout and twitter grader use the klout score and grade of the other individuals you interact with in determining your score. So in essence you could be talking to an empty room and still have a high score as long as everyone you aren’t talking to has a high score too. Klout and twitter grader make money by being the analytics standard. So it has become a competition to satisfy the algorithm (which includes number of followers/tweets etc), not the actual interactions and conversations you might be having.

Twitter is NOT  effective unless you address the engagement issue. I have posted some other bloggers advice to help you maximize your ROI with twitter.

Measuring Twitter Engagement

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4 Basic Twitter Marketing Tips

7 Ideas for Twitter Engagement

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