5 Reasons You Need Twitter

Do you really need 5 reasons to get on board the train leaving the dark ages and entering the future? No, but for the sake of writing and creating a first post, I ask that you kindly oblige me.

Reason #5

You feel lonely.

I am not trying to replace your psychotherapists, but we can be honest. Sometimes we feel like we could use another friend or two. I mean, who doesn’t feel great when they wake up in the morning and see they have 5k followers hanging off every last one of their 140 character update?

Reason #4

You need a job.

A job? With twitter? Yes. Believe it or not, more and more people are finding jobs through twitter. The JobMob wrote a great 20 step guide to finding a job using twitter back in 2008! So get off the couch and get tweeting!

Reason #3

You want to stay updated.

It goes without saying that the information revolution really has revolutionized information (duh…). Do you remember a time when people waited until the 5 o’clock news or waited for their morning paper to find out the latest story? Me neither. Nowadays news comes at us in a constant stream of information. You blink and you really do miss it.

That is why twitter is so great. You can customize your “news stream” depending on who you follow. It is worth taking time to manage the people you follow. A rock steady timeline can keep you on the edge of your field or just plain ol’ interested.

Reason #2

You own a business/non-profit.

Social Media is here to stay. This is no longer an area of speculation. Instead of wondering if it will last, marketing professionals are forecasting trends and re-arranging resources all in the name of social media. If you own a business, or a non-profit you MUST have a presence in the online social media world. There are plenty of online tools and people like me who are willing to help. You can always send me a tweet @smmykal. I love to answer questions.

Reason #1

It is a whole bunch o’ fun

Twitter at its most holy and pure is a social networking application. It really was designed to stay in touch with friends, say hello to family and meet new and interesting people. Twitter is just one more tool to help us get and stay connected. It absolutely is possible to meet and make friends through social media and twitter can be a fun way to go about it. If you are looking for a more private approach to demystifiying the twitter world, I recommend The Twitter Book. So get out there and start tweeting!

Thanks to jscreationzs for the image


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