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I wrote a post this week about the importance of twitter engagement. The process by which we can measure the success of our engagement is called analysis. There are many free tools online you can use to analyze your twitter account. There is no subscription process or need to give anything more than your twitter @soandso handle. After a few seconds you will be able to view your analysis. Try the sites I recommend below. After a few weeks of checking up and re-analyzing your account you will start to be able to distinguish patterns that you can use to better manage you tweeting experience.

Twitter Counter

Love this one. Pure numbers and stats, no funny business. It tells you exactly what you need to know.

Tweet Stats

This site gives some interesting stats. Not super helpful when trying to analyze engagement, but overall a nice tool.

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Here you are… completely overwhelmed by the different media platforms with which to grow your business or NPO. You could “tweet”, “like”, “blog”, “stumbleupon”, “tumble” and more! How do you chose? What will be most effective for you?

Depends on your target market (think demographics).

If your target market is under 34 and slightly more male than female and imagry is a key aspect to your organization (design firms, food, art etc.), then is the way for you to go.

Tumblr is easy to use. The dashboard has an easy to use interface that allows for quick and easy media posts. Tumblr users tend to be a quick follow and there is a clear relationship between time dedicated to your tumblr and number of new followers. Tumblr users love the content stream so forgetting to post new content for a few days can lose you some fans. Content sharing is rampant, easy and a key to gaining new friends.

A good friend of mine is a huge tumblr user. Her tumblr account has a massively loyal following, but don’t kid yourself, she spends every waking hour working on her blog. She has discovered that one of the downsides to tumblr is that she will never own her domain name. it will always be It would be a big sacrifice for her to try to make the transition to a privately hosted site.

All in all, tumblr should be another tool in your arsenal of online marketing weaponry. The free, easy interface won’t be going away anytime soon. So get tumblin’.

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When you first step into the twitter universe it can feel like stepping into a dimly lit backroom where everybody is shouting and nobody is listening. Sometimes it can be hard to believe all the hype about social media when you learn what #teamfollowback means and how many people (social media consultants even) use it.
I have been working on ways to “authenticate” the twitter experience and maximize it’s potential for use in the NPO world. Better analytics and an honest approach to the capabilities of twitter are key.

I may not have all the answers to what twitter is. I can tell you what it isn’t.

Twitter is NOT #teamfollowback or any of her variations. This is one of the main sources of the engagement problem and is really getting to be a pain trying to negotiate around in the twitter community.

Twitter is NOT a competition. There are many twitter analytics out there. Most of them are trying to make money. Analytics like klout and twitter grader can offer some useful statistics but rely too heavily on measuring their own success in determining yours. both klout and twitter grader use the klout score and grade of the other individuals you interact with in determining your score. So in essence you could be talking to an empty room and still have a high score as long as everyone you aren’t talking to has a high score too. Klout and twitter grader make money by being the analytics standard. So it has become a competition to satisfy the algorithm (which includes number of followers/tweets etc), not the actual interactions and conversations you might be having.

Twitter is NOT  effective unless you address the engagement issue. I have posted some other bloggers advice to help you maximize your ROI with twitter.

Measuring Twitter Engagement

Twitter Engagement Experiment

4 Basic Twitter Marketing Tips

7 Ideas for Twitter Engagement

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Have you ever wished you could just sit down with smart people and pick their brains. Can you imagine what you would learn?

Ericsson Multimedia did just that.

Grab a pen and paper because you are going to want to take notes.

Arianna Huffington – New Media Landscape

Jeffrey Cole – A New Era of Advertising

Don Tapscott – Grown Up Digital

Charles Leadbeater – The Power Of Mass Creativity

Michael Dell – The Power of Collaboration

Hans Rosling – A More Stable World

Carlota Perez – Technology Changes

JP Rangaswami – How Learning Has Changed

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I ran a very scientific study yesterday.

I set my computer on the desk four inches from the edge while I held a wrist watch in my left hand. After opening facebook and viewing a few interesting posts on my news feed, I found THE ONE. I steadied my right hand waiting for the exact right moment. After focusing all my attention I clicked the stop watch function to start. With as much speed and accuracy as I could muster, my right hand positioned the mouse directly above the little blue button with a thumb pointing upwards. I clicked. I clicked and less than one second later I had broadcast to the entire facebook world that I, Michael, did indeed endorse my friend and his desire to run 135 miles in the middle of the desert. Or did I?

What does it really mean when we “like” a post/group/fanpage on facebook? It literally cost me nothing. Even the time expended to actually click the object was nearly immeasurable. In terms of economics, there was nearly zero opportunity cost associated with clicking that tiny white and blue thumbs up. No loyalty issues came up. Most of friends are probably so tired of seeing people liking things that they didn’t even notice. We may, as individual private users, not be so concerned with the deep meaning behind a facebook like but companies and non-profits who use facebook fanpages MUST pay attention and use accurate analytics in determining the value of a “like” to their brand and company.

Let’s say company A hires an intern to spend 8 hours a day working on growing their facebook fanpage. What might the intern do all day? “Like” other pages/comments, join in conversation and hopefully publish new content. Let’s say that at the end of everyday 10 new people click the “like” button for company A’s fanpage. That is a great thing right? Sure, but HOW great is it really? ROI issues aside, let us examine some other measurements that will help us determine the value of those new likes.

Since we know that not everything we post is seen by our friends or fans, we must look at different forms of measurement to find the value of the mystical “like”. Things like impressions per post and percentage of feedback are much more helpful in measuring your brand’s reach than counting the number of “likes” your fanpage may tell you that you have.

Try experimenting with this concept. Posting a video on your fanpage using youtube can be a really interesting and eye-opening experience. You can find out generally what the click-through rate for your posts are pretty quickly. You can even measure peak hours during the day your posts might be viewed.

What we are talking about here is Facebook Engagement. How engaged are our fans? How loyal are they? Have they revisited us since they first “liked” us? These and many more questions are going to be explored in the coming posts. I encourage you to do some exploring yourself and comment below on what you may have found.

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Do you really need 5 reasons to get on board the train leaving the dark ages and entering the future? No, but for the sake of writing and creating a first post, I ask that you kindly oblige me.

Reason #5

You feel lonely.

I am not trying to replace your psychotherapists, but we can be honest. Sometimes we feel like we could use another friend or two. I mean, who doesn’t feel great when they wake up in the morning and see they have 5k followers hanging off every last one of their 140 character update?

Reason #4

You need a job.

A job? With twitter? Yes. Believe it or not, more and more people are finding jobs through twitter. The JobMob wrote a great 20 step guide to finding a job using twitter back in 2008! So get off the couch and get tweeting!

Reason #3

You want to stay updated.

It goes without saying that the information revolution really has revolutionized information (duh…). Do you remember a time when people waited until the 5 o’clock news or waited for their morning paper to find out the latest story? Me neither. Nowadays news comes at us in a constant stream of information. You blink and you really do miss it.

That is why twitter is so great. You can customize your “news stream” depending on who you follow. It is worth taking time to manage the people you follow. A rock steady timeline can keep you on the edge of your field or just plain ol’ interested.

Reason #2

You own a business/non-profit.

Social Media is here to stay. This is no longer an area of speculation. Instead of wondering if it will last, marketing professionals are forecasting trends and re-arranging resources all in the name of social media. If you own a business, or a non-profit you MUST have a presence in the online social media world. There are plenty of online tools and people like me who are willing to help. You can always send me a tweet @smmykal. I love to answer questions.

Reason #1

It is a whole bunch o’ fun

Twitter at its most holy and pure is a social networking application. It really was designed to stay in touch with friends, say hello to family and meet new and interesting people. Twitter is just one more tool to help us get and stay connected. It absolutely is possible to meet and make friends through social media and twitter can be a fun way to go about it. If you are looking for a more private approach to demystifiying the twitter world, I recommend The Twitter Book. So get out there and start tweeting!

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